We Are Natural Visions Media


Michael Cheser

Owner / Creative Director / Director of Photography

Michael founded Natural Visions Media in 2014 during his Junior year while studying Film Production and Business at Western Kentucky University. The idea was to combine his passion for the outdoors and conservation with his love to create videos and photographs that educated and told others stories. He took the skills he developed by producing and shooting films, music, and corporate videos and converted them to be used where he loves spending his time and that’s in the outdoors. Currently he spends most of his time contracted with The High Road Group producing two separate TV shows, The High Road With Keith Warren and Keith Warren's Deer and Wildlife Stories. 

      Throughout the past several years Natural Visions Media has been a platform for freelance video work with a few different companies; The High Road Group, JBO Production, Discovery Channel, and even National Geographic. Michael also has used Natural Visions as a platform for photography and corporate marketing work with Orvis, HooRag, and a few smaller online groups. Before all of this he did work with several local bands one of the most successful is the Shane Dawson Band. Beyond that he produced several short award winning films in college. He took that film knowledge and used it two develop two award winning fly fishing films, “Hunting Southern Brookies” and “Generations.”

Michael's goal is to use Natural Visions Media to begin producing national TV Programming and further his Outdoor TV programming on networks like Discovery Channel, Outdoor Channel, and Sportsman Channel. While doing so he plans to continue producing documentaries and marketing content for business locally and nationally. He grew up learning the studio ways of production and while he focuses a lot on the outdoor industry he still Produces, Directs, and Shoots other genres of content from films to music and even corporate content. Michael has branded himself as an outdoor industry professional but doesn’t want to forget or give up what got him to where he is today and that’s the studio life of video production so he’s continuing to do all of this while also trying to continue his help to educate and protect the environment and wildlife he and his colleagues enjoy so much. 


Ben Childers

Contract Aerial Cinematographer / 1st AC

Ben is currently a student at the University of Kentucky, studying Political Science and preparing to enter the UK College of Law. However, he has always had a passion for the outdoors, travel, and media production; and over the past three years, he has combined those interests through short films showcasing natural attractions around the world. Collectively, Ben’s work has amassed over 20 million views, with audiences from over 100 different countries engaging with it. Loyal to his roots in Southeastern Kentucky, much of his work focuses on showcasing the beauty of under-appreciated locations that deserve greater recognition. Over the years, Ben’s productions have expanded into the fields of real estate, construction, and marketing, but the true heart of his endeavors will always be our planet’s incredible natural landscapes.